Racist YouTuber

Racist YouTuber Calls Blackpink’s Lisa As Fake Nicki Minaj

Racist YouTuber dropped a sarcastic apology but gave more insults for Blackpink. After dropping [...]
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Racist YouTubers

Racist YouTubers Call Blackpink As “Hoes” & “Wannabe’s”

Blackpink received discrimination from two black American YouTubers.   A YouTube account named under JUSTiN’S [...]
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Cookie Jar

Red Velvet Officially Opens “Cookie Jar” Official MV

Are you ready for a new bop song from Red Velvet?   After Bad [...]
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Forever Young

YG Accidentally Leaked Blackpink’s New Song In 2015

Yg already recorded Blackpink’s Forever Young three years ago.   YG Entertainment has always [...]
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MAMAMOO Hwasa to re-appear on “I Live Alone”

MAMAMOO Hwasa became a hot topic ever since her appearance on the reality program [...]
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Blackpink Ideal Type

Blackpink Finally Revealed Their Ideal Type

Who is the lucky man that caught the heart of Blackpink members?   Recently, [...]
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#1 K-pop Group

Billboard Korea Reveals #1 K-pop Group For The First-Half Of 2018

YG Entertainment continues to dominate the Korean music charts. Who is the #1 K-pop [...]
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Something New

Taeyeon Drops ‘Something New’ Official MV

Taeyeon is giving us ‘Something New.’   Taeyeon is back! After six months since [...]
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Blackpink Achieves PAK

Blackpink Achieves PAK For ‘Ddu-Du Ddu Du’

Blackpink continues YG’s legendary PAKs this year!   From iKON to Bigbang, and now [...]
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2ne1 Members

2ne1 Members Rumored To Drop New Songs

Are 2ne1 members coming to your area?   It looks like 2ne1’s comeback performance [...]
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Variety Show

Blackpink’s First Variety Show After Their Legendary Comeback

Blinks get ready for Blackpink’s first comeback on variety shows.   While Blackpink’s new [...]
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Dating Scandal

YG Responds To Bigbang’s New Dating Scandal

Finally, Bigbang’s maknae is getting a dating scandal now!   After Taeyang and Min [...]
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Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Blackpink Hits Everyone With With ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’

Did Blackpink hit you with the ‘Ddu-du Ddu-du?’ YG Entertainment’s one-year-old girl group, Blackpink, [...]
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iKON Spotted

iKON Spotted Filming For A New Show

Another new content from iKON?   iKONICS must be one of the happiest fandoms [...]
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SNSD Taeyeon

SNSD Taeyeon Drops New Teaser For ‘Something New’

Taeyeon is back with ‘Something New.’ After more than two years, Taeyeon is finally [...]
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SNSD Member Tiffany

Former SNSD Member Tiffany Signs Under New Agency

Former SNSD Member, Tiffany, is now under a new agency, and it’s not a [...]
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Famous American Singer

Blackpink Receives Love From Famous American Singer

Blackpink gains another famous fan.   Blackpink hasn’t performed in America yet, but they’re [...]
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Featured Video Play Icon

BTS showcases “Fake Love” on “The Late Late Show With James Corden”

BTS performed on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” for the second time! [...]
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Nam Tae Hyun

Nam Tae Hyun Performs Again On Music Shows

Nam Tae Hyun is back on stage!   After leaving Winner, Nam Tae Hyun [...]
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iKON Reality Shows

Top 5 iKON Reality Shows That Everyone Must Watch

Are you craving to see more iKON reality shows?   iKON TV has been [...]
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Marrying A Korean Man

5 Things You Should Know Before Marrying A Korean Man

Are you dreaming of marrying a Korean man? Let’s see if you can handle [...]
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Amazing English Songs

10 Amazing English Songs By Korean Artists

Who said Korean singers can’t sing English songs? If you are curious if there [...]
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Exo Kai

Exo Kai Opens New Instagram Account

Kai is finally back on Instagram!   After Kai abandoned his first Instagram account [...]
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iKON Chanwoo

iKON Chanwoo Performs Solo Rap On Stage

iKON Chanwoo is making the hyungs proud! Or not?     Recently, iKON had [...]
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Blackpink Jennie

Blackpink Jennie Almost Lost Her Passport In France

Oh no, Jennie!   Recently, Blackpink Jennie was invited by Chanel for the launching [...]
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Biggest K-pop Tour

Top 10 Biggest K-pop Touring Act Since 2010

Who holds the record of the biggest touring act since 2010?   K-pop concert is [...]
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Wanna One

Wanna One’s Agency Announces Shocking News To Fans

Wanna One’s fans reacted to Swing Entertainment’s announcement.   Recently, Wanna One just moved [...]
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iKON Yunhyeong

10 Amazing Proofs That iKON Yunhyeong Is Husband Material

Is iKON Yunhyeong the man you’ve been waiting for?     iKON’s Song Yunhyeong, [...]
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YG Trainee

Ex-YG Trainee Officially Debuts Under New Company

Ex-YG trainee, Katie Kim, finally released her debut song ‘Remember.’   Years after winning [...]
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Blackpink Jennie

Blackpink Jennie Attends Chanel Event In France

Blackpink Jennie in your area!   While everyone’s excited for Blackpink’s comeback, one of [...]
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Popular Korean Actor

Popular Korean Actor Publicly Apologizes After Sexual Harassment Scandal

Popular Korean actor, Lee Seo Won, made a public apology after sexual harassment scandal.  [...]
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YG Officially Reveals Blackpink’s New Songs

Are you ready for Blackpink’s new songs?   After the massive success of iKON, [...]
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Most Handsome K-pop IdolJapan Votes The Most Handsome K-pop Idol

Japan Votes The Most Handsome K-pop Idol

Who is the most handsome idol for Japanese K-pop fans? Last May 28, the [...]
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iKON Achieve Their Biggest Milestone On YouTube

Another amazing news from iKON! After two years and eight months since their debut, [...]
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iKON’s Love Scenario Rises To #1 At Japan’s iTune Chart

Love Scenario’s Japanese version is officially out!    iKON’s Love Scenario debuted at #20 [...]
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South Korea’s President congratulates BTS for their Billboard achievement

Even the President of South Korea is congratulating BTS for their success! On May [...]
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South Korea's Untold Beautiful Spots

iKON TV Promotes South Korea’s Untold Beautiful Spots

Do you want to know South Korea’s untold beautiful spots? It’s been 6 weeks [...]
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Bigbang’s Seungri Is Coming To The Philippines!

Good news for Filipino VIP’s, Seungri is coming to your area! Four members of [...]
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EXO fans got praises from Park Myung Soo

EXO’s pride is truly EXO-Ls! On the recent airing of KBS Cool FM radio [...]
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Winner Members Surprised By Filipino Fans

Winner is indeed popular in the Philippines!   Recently, Winner members went to El [...]
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SEVENTEEN celebrates 3rd year anniversary

It’s been three years since the top boy group SEVENTEEN debuted! On May 26, [...]
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BTS performs songs from “Love Yourself: Tear” live in Korea for the first time

For the very first time, BTS performed some of their new songs live in [...]
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(G)I-DLE wins two consecutive music shows with debut track “LATATA”

The new monster rookie is born! Only a few days since their debut, the [...]
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Blackpink Lightstick

YG Reveals Blackpink’s Official Lightstick

Blackpink’s official lightstick is here!   Blackpink is already gearing up for their June [...]
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SEVENTEEN sells out Seoul concert in a flash!

SEVENTEEN sells out “2018 SEVENTEEN Concert ‘Ideal Cut’ in Seoul” in a flash! After [...]
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Featured Video Play Icon

BTS is the talk of the town for their first performance of “Fake Love”

For the first time ever, BTS performed their latest track on none other than [...]
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Plagiarizing Winner

Famous American Rapper Accused Of Plagiarizing Winner’s Island

Guess, America doesn’t know what K-pop groups hold huge power and popularity in the [...]
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Suzy Speaks Up About Sexual Harassment

Related to Yang Ye-Won case Singer and actress Suzy has showed her support for [...]
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University Festival

iKON’s University Festival Performances Go Wild!

iKON is giving a whole new experience to all university festival attendees!   Recently, [...]
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King Of Masked Singer

Hollywood Artist’s Surprise Performance On King Of Masked Singer

Deadpool is in the house!   On May 13, a mysterious performer who used [...]
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