YG Entertainment Officially Files Legal Actions

YG Entertainment Officially Files Legal Actions Against Malicious Commenters

YG Entertainment are now taking action against false and malicious accusations against their artists. [...]
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New Dating Rumor

CUBE Entertainment’s Group Member Faces New Dating Rumor

Are you a huge fan of BTOB’s Seungjae? Ready your heart because your bias [...]
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Mamamoo Member

Mamamoo Member Reveals Her Bias In BIGBANG

Mamamoo Hwasa revealed that she has been a BIGBANG fan for so many years. [...]
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iKON Killing Me

iKON’s ‘Killing Me’ Sets Their New Record On Billboard’s World Digital Chart

iKON hits their highest rank on Billboard’s chart since debut. iKON continue to rise [...]
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Most Expensive Outfits

Top 5 K-Pop Idols With The Most Expensive Outfits & Jewelries

Who owns and wears the most expensive outfits and extravagant wearable pieces in the [...]
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Heat Wave

Heat Wave Becoming A Problem In South Korea

Heat wave has reached South Korea.   South Korea is currently experiencing heat wave [...]
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Weki Meki Fandom Name

Weki Meki Officially Announce Their Fandom Name & Color

Weki Meki fans rejoice as the groups officially revealed the name of their fandom [...]
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iKON BOBBY Gives A Baby iKONIC An Unforgettable Remembrance

iKON Bobby is indeed giving kids some HYUNG-love!   Not so long ago, a [...]
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Blackpink 2nd Anniversary

BLACKPINK Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With BLINKS

Blackpink just turned two!   Blackpink celebrated their second anniversary on VLive with Blinks. [...]
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K-Netz Shower BLACKPINK Jisoo With Her First Dating Rumor

Are Blackpink members having another dating rumor?   Recently, Blackpink Jisoo’s fans took down [...]
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New Dating Rumors

New Dating Rumors Surround CUBE Entertainment

Due to having more dating rumors, fans are now calling Cube Entertainment as “Cupid [...]
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[VIDEO] iKON’s Fandom Proves To Be The Calmest Fandom In K-Pop

iKON celebrates PiKONic Day with iKONICS.   iKON held another special and unique fan [...]
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Hyuna & E'dawn

Hyuna & E’dawn Officially Confirms Shocking News

Finally, the truth has been spoken.   Just days ago, Cube Entertainment denied the [...]
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BLACKPINK Lisa Finally Reveals Full Bare Face On TV

Blackpink Lisa finally reveals her full bar face, including her forehead, on a television [...]
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iKON Killing Me

[VIDEO] iKON Releases ‘Killing Me’ Official MV

iKON is back with a new song! Finally, after their mega-hit, Love Scenario, iKON [...]
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Korean Music Festival 2018

[VIDEOS] Idol’s Fancam Performances At Korean Music Festival 2018

Korean Music Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in the music industry. [...]
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Zico IU Collaboration

Zico Drops New Music Video Featuring IU

Did Zico and IU find their soulmate already?   Finally, we get to hear [...]
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iKON's Comeback Video Teaser

K-netz Are Crazy Over iKON’s New Comeback Video Teaser

K-netz are loving iKON’s comeback video teasers!   After the mega hit success of [...]
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blackpink jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie to guest on Running Man

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is invited to Running Man once again! On July 30, Jennie and [...]
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Idol Members

Two Idol Members Caught In A Fight, Agency Responds

Two idol members of MASC were caught in a fight, the agency finally responded [...]
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iKON Member

Another iKON Member Earns 1 Million Followers On Instagram

Another iKON member gains 1 million followers on Instagram.   It’s not been long [...]
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bts gfriend

GFRIEND teases their cover for BTS’ “Fake Love”

For the upcoming episode of Idol Room, GFRIEND were revealed as the guests. GFRIEND [...]
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Newest YG Artist

Newest YG Artist Models For Vogue Korea

While iKON covered for a Japanese magazine and Blackpink covered for Cosmopolitan Korea, another [...]
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Featured Video Play Icon

NU’EST W releases cute choreography video for “Dejavu”

NU’EST W wanted to keep their promise for their music show win and for [...]
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Red Velvet Member

Knetz Accuse Red Velvet Member Of A New Dating Scandal

Knetz discuss another dating scandal of a Red Velvet member. Recently, Red Velvet Yeri [...]
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Mixnine Contestant Dies

Mixnine Contestant Dies At Age 20

Spectrum’s Kim Dong Yoon, one of Mixnine contestants, dies at the age of 20. [...]
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iKON Comeback Songs

YG Entertainment Reveals iKON’s Comeback Songs

YG Entertainment finally revealed iKON’s comeback songs.   YG Entertainment just keeps on going! [...]
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Top 5 K-pop

Top 5 K-pop Boy Groups With Live Powerful Vocals

Which K-pop group has the most powerful vocals during live performances? Check out Ulzzang’s [...]
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Wanna One possibly extending their contracts?

Reports about Wanna One’s contract circulated once again on July 26, 2018. It was [...]
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iKON Comeback

iKON Teases Fans With New Video & Individual Photos For Their August 2 Comeback

iKON continues to tease everyone with their comeback!   Yang Hyun Suk just keeps [...]
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Indonesian Rapper Sexually Harasses BLACKPINK LISA

After receiving several death threats, an Indonesian rapper insulted Blackpink Lisa on YouTube.   [...]
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Insult Jonghyun And SHINee

Chinese Idol Group’s Fans Insult Jonghyun And SHINee Members

Another hot war is happening right now in the K-pop industry.   Fans of [...]
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iKON Member

iKON Member To Open His Personal YouTube Channel

iKON Bobby revealed that the group’s maknae will be soon opening his YouTube channel! [...]
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Mollado Challenge Becomes Viral In South Korea!

Who’s ready for the #MolladoChallenge? Everyone’s going crazy over one of Seungri’s new songs [...]
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SEUNGRI Drops His Official MV And First Ever Solo Album

Seungri is counting 1,2,3! Finally, Seungri is back to the music industry. After being [...]
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K-pop Girl Group

ZICO Reveals Adoration For This K-pop Girl Group

Zico couldn’t hide his happiness when they were talking about this specific girl group. [...]
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BLACKPINK Sets New Record In K-Pop History

Blackpink just swept K-pop’s previous YouTube record holders from their position.   Blackpink is [...]
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Park Bom

2ne1 Park Bom Signs Under New Entertainment Company

Park Bom officially leaves YG Entertainment and joins a new entertainment company.   After [...]
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American Pop Star Asks A BLACKPINK Member To Marry Him

Would this BLACKPINK member accept the American pop star’s marriage proposal?   Shane Niemi, [...]
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Seungri Comeback Video Teaser

YG Finally Drops BIGBANG Seungri’s Comeback Video Teaser

Yang Hyun Suk is finally giving us BIGBANG Seungri’s comeback video teaser.   On [...]
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iKON Jinhwan

iKON Jinhwan Secretly Participates In A Charity Event For Dogs

iKON Jinhwan gave puppies all his love and care during a dog shelter event. [...]
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JYP Trainee

JYP Entertainment Accused Of Abusing A JYP Trainee

JYP Entertainment faces new abusive issue.   Zhennan, one of JYP’s former trainees, revealed [...]
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iKON's Comeback Date

YG Reveals iKON’s Comeback Date & Another Surprise Gift To Fans

YG officially dropped iKON’s comeback date and teaser photo on Instagram but deleted it [...]
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BIGBANG Seungri Announces Official Comeback Title Tracks

Bigbang Seungri to comeback after almost five years!   After the sensational success of [...]
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YG Solo Artist

Bvlgari Invites YG Solo Artist To Their Event In London

A YG solo artist attended Bvlgari’s event in London. Recently, Bvlgari launched their new [...]
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iKON Promotes

iKON Promotes Samsonite And Gregory Brands

Do you want to know the brands that iKON members have been using and [...]
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Featured Video Play Icon

Crush releases new track “Cereal” ft. Zico

Crush is back with a new song! On July 13, Crush released his latest [...]
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Blackpink Rosé

Blackpink Rosé Promotes Another K-pop Idol’s Debut

Who would’ve thought that Blackpink Rosé and one of Ladies Code’s members are close [...]
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South Korea Bans iKON’s Viral Song To Elementary Schools

iKON’s Love Scenario is the number one viral K-pop song this year in South [...]
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Momoland Nancy

Netizens Call Out Momoland Nancy And JooE’s Bad Behavior On Stage

Momoland Nancy & JooE receive backlash after their alleged awful behavior on the stage. [...]
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