South Korea President Adopted a Dog as ‘First Dog’

South Korea President Moon Jae-In adopted ‘Tori’ South Korea’s recently elected president (following the [...]
Girls' Generation

Girls’ Generation Announce Official Comeback Date And Title Tracks

Girls’ Generation are back!   Girls’ generation are officially coming back with new songs [...]

Lee Jong Suk confirms he received the enlistment notice

Lee Jong Suk confirmed that he already got the enlistment notice. On July 28, [...]

Girls Generation to reveal their comeback tracks on 10th Anniversary Fan Event!

Girls Generation will reveal their new tracks to beloved fans first! For this upcoming [...]

Fantastic K-Pop Piano Cover Channels

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EXO Broke Another Record with ‘Ko Ko Bop’!

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BTS confirms their comeback this Fall!

This coming September, BTS is returning with a new song! Industry insiders revealed that [...]

Upcoming K-Pop Comebacks

Second half of the year comebacks 2017 has been quite a busy year for [...]

Where to Find Korean Shows with English Subtitles

Breaking language barrier Whether it’s a drama, music show, or variety show; to fully [...]

KARD Made a Highly Anticipated Debut With ‘Hola Hola’

Debut song ‘Hola Hola’ Co-ed group KARD from DSP Entertainment finally made their official [...]

10 Steps Korean Skincare

Extensive skincare Talking about Korean skincare can never be boring. In fact, Korean women [...]

EXO Made a Grand Comeback with ‘KOKOBOP’

EXO released ‘The War’ Album On July 18, 2017, EXO dropped their latest album, [...]

Korean Beauty Tip: Make Your Makeup Stay Longer

Melting makeup?! The peak of this year’s summer is just around the corner. While [...]

Korea’s Best Singing Competition Shows

Showcasing vocal talent Singing competition shows are always interesting, no matter where you live. [...]

Best 5 Korean It-girls to follow

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EXO to Make a Comeback with ‘KOKOBOP’

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Best Ulzzang Makeup Tips

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Get to Know Korean Online Communities

Korean online communities are a huge part of the culture Online communities, wherever you [...]

EXO’s Xiumin and NCT’s Mark are ‘Young and Free’

Xiumin and Mark’s collaboration SM Entertainment’s digital music project, SM Station has released one [...]

Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo are Tying the Knot!

They are getting married! Another day, another couple is revealed. Song Joong-Ki and Song [...]

Red Velvet Teases Fans For ‘Red Flavor’ Comeback

Red Velvet gears up for summer comeback SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet is [...]

Korean Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Recommended Korean brands If you’re struggling with sensitive skin or acne, you’re certainly not [...]

Movie ‘Real’ Suffers Real Blow

Viewers are disappointed Recently-released movie ‘Real’ featuring some A-list actors like Kim Soo-Hyun, Sung [...]

Korean Summer Fashion Trend (Part 2)

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Korean Summer Fashion Trend (Part 1)

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Summer Jams You Need to Have On Your Playlist

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3 Reasons Why Being a K-Pop Star is a Tough Job

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BLACKPINK Broke Another Record!

YG’s Rookie Monster is Back! YG Entertainment’s latest (and only) girl group, Blackpink, is [...]

[Breaking] Choa is leaving AOA

AOA lost a member It won’t be a good day for Elvis – AOA [...]