American Pop Star Asks A BLACKPINK Member To Marry Him

Would this BLACKPINK member accept the American pop star’s marriage proposal?


Shane Niemi, an L.A. pop-singer who became popular for his music video “Insecure,” have asked Blackpink’s Lisa to marry him.

Everyone who recognized Shane Niemi was all surprised when they saw Shane commented on Blackpink Lisa’s personal Instagram account.

Shane commented to Lisa’s Instagram post with “Marry me.”

While everyone’s surprised with Shane’s comment, here’s Shane who got starstruck by Blackpink Lisa’s visual and talent.

Meanwhile, Krunk replied to Shane’s comment on Lisa’s Instagram post.

Krunk replied to Shane with “@iamnotshane what the…”

It looks like we’re having a love triangle here!

Who do you think should Lisa choose between the two? Comment your thoughts below!

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