BIGBANG Members Reunite, Perform On Stage

The military couldn’t let this amazing opportunity to see Bigbang members perform up close.


While four of the Bigbang members are still serving their military duties as a citizen of the Republic of Korea, the Korean military camps where Daesung and Taeyang were assigned are making the most out of this amazing opportunity to see Bigbang members perform up-close.

During the Ground Force Festival, three of the Bigbang members, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri gave an amazing performance that the audience truly enjoyed.

It was the first time that the three members performed together ever since the Daesung and Taeyang started their military service.

The fans couldn’t help but enjoy and get teary at the same time.

Check out some amazing fancams of Bigbang’s performances below:

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