Bigbang To Receive YouTube’s Diamond Play Button


Bigbang proves that their popularity is timeless!


Despite the fact that the four members of Bigbang are in military, Bigbang have proven again that their popularity isn’t just a fad.

They started during the era of K-pop where YouTube views were never a thing. They were able to achieve world class awards without the existence of YouTube views.

They earned the name “Kings of K-pop” without the help of YouTube views.

Now, in the digital era where YouTube views were already a thing, Bigbang has proven that they can still join the fad despite being in the entertainment way earlier than this generation’s groups.

As a proof, Bigbang’s official YouTube channel has already achieved 10,000,000 followers on YouTube.

They are already set to accept a diamond play button from YouTube.

Bigbang is the second group that owns a diamond YouTube play button award.

Congratulations, BIGBANG!

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