Blackpink Jennie Starts A New Hairstyle Trend In Korea

Blackpink Jennie
Blackpink Jennie is starting a new hairstyle trend that every women and even young ladies would surely love to try!

Jennie’s new hairstyle is becoming popular!

Jennie’s ‘Solo’ debut has been one of the hottest topics in the last quarter of 2018.

While her song is doing well on charts, Jennie’s fashion is also becoming a hot topic for all women.

Aside from her fashionable, elegant, and luxurious outfits, Jennie’s hairstyle is also becoming a hot topic during her comeback.

The topic “Jennie Pin” became one of the hottest topics on Naver.

Jennie started wearing hairpins on her music show performances.

animated, gif, and solo image

kpop, blackpink, and kim jennie image

lisa, blackpink, and sbs gayo image

jennie, blackpink, and kpop image

After Jennie started wearing hairpins, other artists were also spotted wearing it including Apink’s Naeun.

People are already becoming interested with Jennie’s hairpin style.

Would you try Jennie pin as well? Drop your pictures in the comment section below!


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