YG Entertainment Officially Files Legal Actions

YG Entertainment Officially Files Legal Actions Against Malicious Commenters

YG Entertainment are now taking action against false and malicious accusations against their artists.   Last February, YG Entertainment announced that they will officially be taking serious actions towards the never ending false news and malicious comments that some news sites and commenters have been posting online. It’s been months after the announcement and today, […]

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New Dating Rumor

CUBE Entertainment’s Group Member Faces New Dating Rumor

Are you a huge fan of BTOB’s Seungjae? Ready your heart because your bias might no longer be single! Recently, news broke out about BTOB Seungjae’s dating rumor with DIA’s Jooeun. It was revealed that the two met through acquaintances and developed feelings over time. The people who saw them revealed that the two do […]

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Mamamoo Member

Mamamoo Member Reveals Her Bias In BIGBANG

Mamamoo Hwasa revealed that she has been a BIGBANG fan for so many years.   On August 13, Mamamoo Hwasa and BIGBANG’s Seungri were guests of JTBC’s Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator. Hwasa revealed that she has been a huge fan of BIGBANG since middle school. She said that she really likes BIGBANG’s songs. […]

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iKON Killing Me

iKON’s ‘Killing Me’ Sets Their New Record On Billboard’s World Digital Chart

iKON hits their highest rank on Billboard’s chart since debut. iKON continue to rise and no one can stop them from reaching the top. iKON’s ‘Killing Me’ debuts at No. 2 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart.   The fact that Killing Me debuted at No. 2 is quite incredible for a three-year-old K-pop group. […]

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Most Expensive Outfits

Top 5 K-Pop Idols With The Most Expensive Outfits & Jewelries

Who owns and wears the most expensive outfits and extravagant wearable pieces in the K-pop industry?   The K-pop industry has always been an industry filled with glitz and glamour. But the big question is, who’s the most glitz and glamorous among them all?   Check out this TOP FIVE MOST GLITZ AND GLAMOROUS in […]

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Heat Wave

Heat Wave Becoming A Problem In South Korea

Heat wave has reached South Korea.   South Korea is currently experiencing heat wave where people get to experience extremely hot weather, way more hot than what South Korea usually experience. On August 1, a South Korean agency recorded the highest temperature in Korean history by reaching 40.7 Celsius (105.2 Fahrenheit). For the daytime highs, […]

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Weki Meki Fandom Name

Weki Meki Officially Announce Their Fandom Name & Color

Weki Meki fans rejoice as the groups officially revealed the name of their fandom and the group’s color. As Weki Meki celebrated their first anniversary as a group, Weki Meki took this opportunity to reveal their group’s fandome name and official colors. Weki Meki revealed that their group’s colors are  ‘Cherry Tomato’ and ‘Vibrant Yellow.’ […]

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iKON BOBBY Gives A Baby iKONIC An Unforgettable Remembrance

iKON Bobby is indeed giving kids some HYUNG-love!   Not so long ago, a very popular kid from Philippines went viral for asking Bobby to come to her birthday. The father of the lovely child asked Bobby and YG Entertainment to come to her daughter’s birthday and joked for a 90% discount on Bobby’s talent […]

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Blackpink 2nd Anniversary

BLACKPINK Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With BLINKS

Blackpink just turned two!   Blackpink celebrated their second anniversary on VLive with Blinks. Despite being a new K-pop group, BLACKPINK has already achieved and broke records in the K-pop industry. Blackpink is the first K-pop group to achieve Perfect All-Kill with their debut song, the girl group with the highest hourly Perfect All-Kill, and […]

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K-Netz Shower BLACKPINK Jisoo With Her First Dating Rumor

Are Blackpink members having another dating rumor?   Recently, Blackpink Jisoo’s fans took down their fansites. The fansites didn’t give official statement but the Korean netizens suspect that a dating rumor will soon emerge. It’s somehow understandable whenever one of an idol’s fansites decide to shut down, but in Blackpink Jisoo’s case, it has become […]

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