#1 K-pop Group

Billboard Korea Reveals #1 K-pop Group For The First-Half Of 2018

YG Entertainment continues to dominate the Korean music charts. Who is the #1 K-pop group right now on music charts? Billboard Korea officially revealed that iKON is Korea’s chart topper for the first half of 2018. Indeed, iKON’s comeback was the most successful comeback for the first half of 2018. Aside from the fact that […]

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Something New

Taeyeon Drops ‘Something New’ Official MV

Taeyeon is giving us ‘Something New.’   Taeyeon is back! After six months since “This Christmas,” Taeyeon is giving her fans “Something New” to listen to. Taeyeon’s inspiring and motivational new song gives her fans something new to listen to at night. The cinematic music video of the song gives the song a more sentimental […]

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Blackpink Achieves PAK

Blackpink Achieves PAK For ‘Ddu-Du Ddu Du’

Blackpink continues YG’s legendary PAKs this year!   From iKON to Bigbang, and now Blackpink! YG has indeed become the home of Perfect-All-Kills this year. Despite the fact that the song was released last Friday, Blackpink was still able to maintain its #1 spot for almost three days on all South Korean music charts, making […]

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2ne1 Members

2ne1 Members Rumored To Drop New Songs

Are 2ne1 members coming to your area?   It looks like 2ne1’s comeback performance is going to be different from what everyone’s expectations. After 2ne1’s disbandment, people were disappointed not being able to see one of South Korea’s legendary girl groups perform again on stage. Guess what? We might get a rare chance to see […]

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Variety Show

Blackpink’s First Variety Show After Their Legendary Comeback

Blinks get ready for Blackpink’s first comeback on variety shows.   While Blackpink’s new songs continue to slay all Korean music charts, prepare yourself as they will be making a comeback on variety shows as well! First on the list is JTBC’s “Idol Room.” JTBC’s Idol Room is hosted by Jung Hyung Don and Defcon. […]

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Dating Scandal

YG Responds To Bigbang’s New Dating Scandal

Finally, Bigbang’s maknae is getting a dating scandal now!   After Taeyang and Min Hyorin’s wedding, Seungri got inspired and asked Taeyang to set him up with one of Min Hyorin’s friends. It looks like Bigbang’s maknae is interested in a serious relationship now. While the Korean music industry is filled with a lot of […]

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Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Blackpink Hits Everyone With With ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’

Did Blackpink hit you with the ‘Ddu-du Ddu-du?’ YG Entertainment’s one-year-old girl group, Blackpink, is slaying everyone right now with their long-awaited comeback after As If It’s Your Last. Blackpink’s Square Up is officially out with the title track ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,’ along with the other three songs, Forever Young, Really, and See U Later. While […]

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iKON Spotted

iKON Spotted Filming For A New Show

Another new content from iKON?   iKONICS must be one of the happiest fandoms this year as iKON and YG Entertainment keep on posting more entertaining videos for iKONICS. Aside from being the most successful group this year, iKON continues to surprise their fans with interesting content. Recently, iKON were spotted filming at South Korea’s […]

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SNSD Taeyeon

SNSD Taeyeon Drops New Teaser For ‘Something New’

Taeyeon is back with ‘Something New.’ After more than two years, Taeyeon is finally back with a new solo track called ‘Something New.’ After everything that Taeyeon has been through last year, Taeyeon is finally ready to conquer the stage again with a new song. Taeyeon is ready to show all her fans something new, […]

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SNSD Member Tiffany

Former SNSD Member Tiffany Signs Under New Agency

Former SNSD Member, Tiffany, is now under a new agency, and it’s not a Korean entertainment agency.   Finally, after staying away from the spotlight, we get to hear an amazing news from Tiffany. As Tiffany left SM Entertainment, it was revealed that she’s interested in exploring her career in America. While she was in […]

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