Dating BLACKPINK Jennie

SM Ent Confirms EXO Kai Is Dating BLACKPINK Jennie

After Dispatch revealed the late night dates of Exo Kai and Blackpink Jennie, SM officially confirmed the relationship of the two.   Early morning of January 1, 2019, all K-pop fans around the world went crazy when Dispatch dropped the dating rumors of EXO Kai and Blackpink Jennie. Dispatch revealed that Kai and Jennie have […]

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Blackpink Jisoo

Handsome Brother of Blackpink Jisoo Catches The Attention of K-netz

Aside from her beautiful sisters, Blackpink Jisoo’s brother is also a visual!   Blackpink Jisoo and her sisters are undeniably beautiful, but wait until you see Blackpink Jisoo’s brother. With his tall and manly body, you can really tell that Jisoo’s family is given with such natural visual. Just like Jisoo, her brother also has […]

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iKON & Winner

[VIDOE] iKON & Winner Celebrate The New Year Together At MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018

iKON and Winner showed to everyone the spirit of YG family at MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018!   iKON and Winner gave iKONICS and Inner Circles a brighter New Year celebration as iKON and Winner members posted on Instagram a video and pictures of the two groups hugging each other as they welcomed 2019 during the […]

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G-Dragon Wins New Prestigious Award At it-Awards 2018

G-Dragon is still winning awards despite being in the military.   it-Award 2018 gives a prestigious award to IBK Industrial Bank of Korea because of the artistic card designed by the King of K-pop, G-Dragon. This card is a limited design and is owned only by a few people which makes it even more valuable. 2ne1’s […]

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Funniest K-Pop Group

iKON Wins The Funniest K-Pop Group In 2018

Who are the top 3 funniest K-pop groups this year? 1theKing reveals the top 3 craziest K-pop group in 2018.   2018 has been a very good year for K-pop. A lot of amazing songs have been released. K-pop proved that their music is not just loved by teens, K-pop is for all types gender […]

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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018

iKON Performs New Version Of Killing Me At SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018

iKON surprised everyone with Killing Me’s rock version during their performance at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018.   Finally, iKON performed their hit dance song Killing Me at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018. iKON surprised everyone with a rock version of Killing Me. iKON’s B.i, Jay, and DK showed off their dancing skills which wowed everyone inside […]

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Love Scenario

iKON Tops Gaon’s 2018 Digital, Download, and Streaming Charts

iKON is ending 2018 with a BANG by slaying Gaon’s yearly Digital, Download, and Streaming charts! iKON’s Love Scenario is indeed the Song of the Year after it topped Gaon’s 2018 digital, download, and streaming charts. Despite not winning AAA Awards and MAMA 2018’s Song of the Year awards, Gaon’s chart just proved that iKON’s […]

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Haruto & Junkyu

YG’s Haruto & Junkyu Catch The Hearts Of K-netz

Are you also falling in love with YG’s Haruto and Jinkyu? Haruto is one of YG’s first set of Japanese trainees. He’s still 14 years old and is one of the strongest competitors in YG Treasure Box. Meanwhile, Junkyu is one of the trainees who’ve been trained with Bang YeDam for years under YG Entertainment. […]

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WINNER Top iTUNE’s Chart, Achieve RAK

Winner is back gaining MILLIONS of fans from around the world! Winner just released their new song titled “Millions.” Millions achieved Real Time All Kill and even topped iTUNE’s chart. It’s been eight months since Winner released “Everyd4y,” and this time, Winner is serving a MILLION-quality song with their hot new looks. With their million-dollar […]

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Winner Mino

EXO Show Love and Support For WINNER’s MINO

Just like the old times, we are now getting beautiful interactions between SM and YG’s groups.   As Mino received his fifth win for his solo comeback, Fiance, Mino received amazing support from EXO members. Mino smiled from ear to ear upon receiving his award and fancams showed that EXO members cheered for Mino during […]

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