Dispatch To Reveal More Scandals & Secrets Soon!

After revealing BLACKPINK Jennie and EXO Kai’s three-month relationship, Dispatch will reveal more scandals and secrets soon! Dispatch is not yet finished in exposing secrets and they have just started. Dispatch will reveal four more secrets soon that will surprise a lot of K-pop fans from around the world. Some revelations will be another dating […]

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BREAKING NEWS: YouTube Deletes BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE Music Videos

Update: YouTube already restored the videos after more than an hour. Did YouTube accidentally delete some videos of BTS, Blackpink, and Twice?   K-pop fans went crazy when they found out that they could no longer find some official music videos of BTS, Blackpink, and Twice on YouTube. BTS V’s Singularity and other teaser videos, […]

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Blackpink Jisoo

Handsome Brother of Blackpink Jisoo Catches The Attention of K-netz

Aside from her beautiful sisters, Blackpink Jisoo’s brother is also a visual!   Blackpink Jisoo and her sisters are undeniably beautiful, but wait until you see Blackpink Jisoo’s brother. With his tall and manly body, you can really tell that Jisoo’s family is given with such natural visual. Just like Jisoo, her brother also has […]

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Funniest K-Pop Group

iKON Wins The Funniest K-Pop Group In 2018

Who are the top 3 funniest K-pop groups this year? 1theKing reveals the top 3 craziest K-pop group in 2018.   2018 has been a very good year for K-pop. A lot of amazing songs have been released. K-pop proved that their music is not just loved by teens, K-pop is for all types gender […]

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iKON Fans

Non-iKON Fans Attack iKON As ‘One-Hit Wonder’

After the massive success of iKON’s Love Scenario, iKON’s haters start attacking iKON and call them a ‘one-hit wonder.’ Are they?   This might surprise new K-pop fans but Love Scenario is not iKON’s first ever hit song. As an answer to all iKON’s haters, iKON is not a one-hit wonder. iKON’s Love Scenario is […]

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iKON’s “I’m Ok” MV Comforts People Who Suffer From Depression

iKON is back with a new song called “I’m Ok” and people are impressed as to how relatable this song is to people who are suffering from depression. As a finale for iKON’s New Kid series, iKON released “I’m Ok” on January 7, 2019. Everyone was surprised when they heard iKON’s new song as the […]

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Music Charts

iKON Ranks #1 Dominates Korea’s Year-End Music Charts

iKON is dominating almost all the year-end music charts in 2018. Bugs, Genie, and Mnet already revealed their year-end chart and iKON’s Love Scenario ranked at No.1 in the three Korean music charts. Despite not getting the Song of the Year award during MAMA 2018, Mnet revealed that the no.1 song in Mnet’s chart this […]

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YouTube Rewind

iKON Become YouTube’s No.1 In South Korea

YouTube officially revealed the Top 10 Most Popular Music Video in Korea this year.   iKON’s Love Scenario is the Most Popular Music Video in Korea this year. Indeed, with iKON’s massive success from January until December proved that iKON truly made an extremely successful comeback this year. Second on the list is iKON’s fellow […]

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WINNER Seungyoon

WINNER Seungyoon Reveals BLACKPINK’s New Song

Winner Seungyoon revealed that Blackpink is already preparing their new song and might have a comeback sooner than expected.   During the Adidas event which both YG Entertainment groups attended, Winner’s Kang Seungyoon announced that Blinks might get a new song soon. This made Blinks around the world happy and excited. It has been months […]

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Dating BLACKPINK Jennie

SM Ent Confirms EXO Kai Is Dating BLACKPINK Jennie

After Dispatch revealed the late night dates of Exo Kai and Blackpink Jennie, SM officially confirmed the relationship of the two.   Early morning of January 1, 2019, all K-pop fans around the world went crazy when Dispatch dropped the dating rumors of EXO Kai and Blackpink Jennie. Dispatch revealed that Kai and Jennie have […]

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Dispatch Memes

Funny Dispatch Memes About Idols Are Going Viral!

While Dispatch is trying to scare everyone about the scandals that they’re about to reveal soon, here goes netizens making hilarious Dispatch memes that can surely make you LOL. If you are one of the fans who hate Dispatch for following your K-pop idols all day, all night and invading their privacy, then this will […]

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Blackpink Jennie

Blackpink Jennie Starts A New Hairstyle Trend In Korea

Blackpink Jennie is starting a new hairstyle trend that every women and even young ladies would surely love to try! Jennie’s new hairstyle is becoming popular! Jennie’s ‘Solo’ debut has been one of the hottest topics in the last quarter of 2018. While her song is doing well on charts, Jennie’s fashion is also becoming […]

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Love Scenario

iKON Tops Gaon’s 2018 Digital, Download, and Streaming Charts

iKON is ending 2018 with a BANG by slaying Gaon’s yearly Digital, Download, and Streaming charts! iKON’s Love Scenario is indeed the Song of the Year after it topped Gaon’s 2018 digital, download, and streaming charts. Despite not winning AAA Awards and MAMA 2018’s Song of the Year awards, Gaon’s chart just proved that iKON’s […]

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Golden Disc Awards

iKON Trends Worldwide, Wins Daesang At 33rd Golden Disc Awards

iKON is trending worldwide as they won the grand prize at the first day of 33rd Golden Disc Awards. iKON started at the bottom, now they’re rising to the top as one of the most promising K-pop groups in 2019. iKON won Digital Daesang due to the massive or phenomenal success of iKON’s Love Scenario […]

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WINNER Mino’s Artistic Skill Goes Viral, Catches Microsoft’s Attention

WINNER Mino catches the attention of everyone as his VLive while doing some digital painting has gone viral worldwide. Fans all over the world couldn’t stop praising Mino’s artistic side as he surprised the world with his painting skill. One of Mino’s video where he was painting using Microsoft’s application has gone viral that it […]

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Bang Yedam

YG’s Bang Yedam Surprises Everyone With His Genius Dancing Skill

People start calling Bang Yedam as “genius” after learning the choreography of BTS’ DNA in just 30 minutes.   In the most recent episode of YG Treasure Box, Winner’s Seungyoon and Seunghoon were surprised when they found out that Bang Yedam learned the choreography of BTS’ DNA in just 30 minutes. Winner’s Seungyoon called Bang […]

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Seoul Music Awards

iKON, Twice, Seventeen Almost Injured By Seoul Music Awards’ Pyrotechnics

iKON, Twice, Seventeen, Monsta X, Wanna One, and more K-pop groups were frightened and almost injured of Seoul Music Awards 2019’s dangerous pyrotechnics that surrounded the stage during BTS’ performance. Seoul Music Awards is in a hot seat when K-pop fans saw their favorite K-pop groups frightened during BTS’ performance due to the fireworks that […]

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Songs Dedicated For iKONICS

iKON’s Top 5 Special Songs Dedicated To iKONICS

Guess who is iKON’s number one inspiration when writing or producing songs? Yes, none other than iKONICS. Despite being YG Entertainment’s youngest boy group, it’s not a secret how much struggle every iKON member has been through just to get where they are today. Every iKON member deserves to be part of iKON after surviving […]

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Japanese Trainee

YG’s Japanese Trainee Catches The Attention Of K-Netz

YG’s Japanese trainee catches the attention of Korean netizens. Haruto, the 14-year-old YG’s Japanese trainee, is getting lots of love due to his cute visual and unique rap tone. Haruto’s visual became a hot topic on the internet when people discovered that Haruto’s visual looks really similar with iKON leader’s B.i. Just take a good […]

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K-Netz Shower BLACKPINK Jisoo With Her First Dating Rumor

Are Blackpink members having another dating rumor?   Recently, Blackpink Jisoo’s fans took down their fansites. The fansites didn’t give official statement but the Korean netizens suspect that a dating rumor will soon emerge. It’s somehow understandable whenever one of an idol’s fansites decide to shut down, but in Blackpink Jisoo’s case, it has become […]

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iKON B.i.

[VIDEO] iKON B.i. Leaks New Song and Song Titles

iKONICS get ready as iKON B.i. gives hints of iKON’s  new songs this year.   Recently, iKON B.i. surprised everyone with an Instagram video post which shows some of his new masterpieces. He captured his monitor’s screen while one of iKON’s demo for new song was being played as a background music. On the screen, […]

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Indonesian Rapper Sexually Harasses BLACKPINK LISA

After receiving several death threats, an Indonesian rapper insulted Blackpink Lisa on YouTube.   BLACKPINK Lisa’s fans appeal to Yang Hyun Suk to protect Lisa at all cost from this Indonesian rapper after he posted a video of him verbally sexually harassing Lisa. Young Lex, an indonesian rapper, posted a YouTube video of him unboxing […]

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Dispatch Attacks G-Dragon & YG Entertainment Again!

Dispatch is back at it again.   While YG Entertainment is dominating the K-pop industry right now, here goes Dispatch dropping more accusations against GD. Dispatch revealed that G-Dragon receives special treatment while serving his military duties. Dispatch claimed that G-Dragon stays in a luxury suit of a military hospital which is off-limits to low-ranking […]

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B.i.'s Childhood Rap

Fans Unveil iKON B.i.’s Childhood Rap Videos

K-pop fans were amazed as they discovered iKON B.i.’s childhood rap videos. Rapping videos of young B.i. are circulating on all social media right now as people were amazed to witness iKON B.i.’s amazing talent in rapping even at a very young age. Who would have thought that B.i. was already a badass rapper when […]

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iKON & Winner

[VIDOE] iKON & Winner Celebrate The New Year Together At MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018

iKON and Winner showed to everyone the spirit of YG family at MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018!   iKON and Winner gave iKONICS and Inner Circles a brighter New Year celebration as iKON and Winner members posted on Instagram a video and pictures of the two groups hugging each other as they welcomed 2019 during the […]

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iKON Achievements

iKON’s Amazing Achievements Surprised New K-pop Fans

iKON keeps on breaking records!   Some new K-pop fans often say that iKON is a flop group from YG Entertainment. The truth is, iKON is probably, if not the most, one of the most successful K-pop groups in history despite being a new group. Are you looking for receipts? Check everything below. After surviving […]

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YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment Reveals BLACKPINK Jennie’s Solo Debut Date

YG Entertainment surprises everyone with Blackpink Jennie’s comeback solo date.   Recently, YG Entertainment’s new groups have been doing incredibly well in South Korea and internationally. Due to their massive success, the home of swag and coolness in K-pop also announced solo debuts of Winner’s Mino and Blackpink’s Jennie. YG Entertainment also announced that all […]

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Red Velvet Seulgi Shared Her Dieting Tips

The struggle of a K-Pop artist Being a part of a K-pop group seems to be every fan’s dream. However, the showbiz industry isn’t all rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. Red Velvet’s Seulgi Extreme Diet Red Velvet member Seulgi shared her struggle of achieving the ideal weight even before her debut. On the May 4 broadcast […]

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Korean Soldier

Korean Soldier Secretly Reveals G-Dragon’s Body Information To Girlfriend

A Korean soldier who is serving his military duty right now has leaked several private information about G-Dragon. While Dispatch never stops its accusations agains t YG Entertainment that G-Dragon is getting special treatment while serving the military, another news about G-Dragon has been leaked. Recently, a Korean woman posted a viral post on Instagram […]

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What is Ulzzang?

About Ulzzang (Korean: “얼짱,” literally meaning “best face”) is a South Korean slang term that is commonly used to describe an attractive and good looking person. Unlike other mainstream celebrities or actors that are known for similar appeals, “Ulzzang” is usually used for an ordinary person. History The honorary title “Ulzzang”[1] began to spread on the […]

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