iKON B.i. Creates New Record & History In Melon Music Awards

Melon Music Awards

If iKON Bobby proved to everyone that K-pop rappers can do real rapping, then iKON B.i. also proved to everyone that K-pop idols are also superb songwriters.   For the first time in history, an idol won the Best Songwriter Award in Melon Music Awards. iKON B.i. is making a history as he was awarded […]

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iKON Wins First Ever Daesang Award At 2018 Melon Music Awards

2018 Melon Music Awards

Finally! iKON won Song of the Year for Love Scenario at 2018 Melon Music Awards.   After how many year-end award shows this year, iKON was finally awarded with the Song Of The Year for Love Scenario’s phenomenal success this year. With no doubt, iKON’s massive success with Love Scenario— 204 Perfect All Kills, the […]

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iKON Surprised By Their Massive Popularity In The Philippines


YG Entertainment and iKON were surprised to witness iKON’s intense popularity in the Philippines.   YG Entertainment underestimated the number of iKON fans in the country. YG Entertainment and iKON’s Continue Tour handler expected only 6,000 concert attendees but more or less 18,000 Filipino iKONICS went to the event which forced the concert handler to […]

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YG Entertainment To Debut YG Trainees In A New Show

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment’s trainees will soon debut on live television.   Finally, after years of waiting, K-pop fans will now get to see the hard-earned skills and natural talents of YG’s legendary trainees. After their years of training and being hidden from the eye of the crowd, Bang Yedam, along with the other trainees of YG […]

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[VIDEO] iKON and iKONICS Collaboration Marks New History In tvN’s ‘300’


iKON and iKONICS created new record in tvN’s ‘300.’   Recently, iKON performed in tvN’s “300” where iKON and iKONICS proved the strong bond within their fandom. iKON and iKONICS performed together with unity that it amazed everyone on how strong the coordination is between iKON and iKONICS. As a result, iKON is the first-ever […]

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Seungri Explains YG Entertainment’s Comeback Process

YG Entertainment

iKON is set to comeback on October 1, 2018. How did iKON get three comebacks in one year while Blackpink only had one comeback this year? Recently, YG Entertainment dropped iKON’s third comeback teaser which received a lot of different reactions from YG supporters, iKON fans were glad about the comeback while other YG groups’ […]

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iKON & Super Junior To Perform In 2018 Asian Games Closing Ceremony

2018 Asian Games

iKON & Super Junior become special performers for the closing ceremony of 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.   After all the rumors, the committee of the 2018 Asian Games have officially confirmed that Super Junior and iKON will be soon performing for the closing ceremony of the prestigious event. Indonesians were thrilled and became more […]

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iKON BOBBY Gives A Baby iKONIC An Unforgettable Remembrance


iKON Bobby is indeed giving kids some HYUNG-love!   Not so long ago, a very popular kid from Philippines went viral for asking Bobby to come to her birthday. The father of the lovely child asked Bobby and YG Entertainment to come to her daughter’s birthday and joked for a 90% discount on Bobby’s talent […]

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[VIDEO] iKON Releases ‘Killing Me’ Official MV

iKON Killing Me

iKON is back with a new song! Finally, after their mega-hit, Love Scenario, iKON is officially back with a new mini album called NEW KIDS: CONTINUE. Everyone waited for their comeback after YG Entertainment dropped the sexiest comeback video teaser this year. Aside from the fact that iKON is back with a new song, DanceKon […]

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K-netz Are Crazy Over iKON’s New Comeback Video Teaser

iKON's Comeback Video Teaser

K-netz are loving iKON’s comeback video teasers!   After the mega hit success of Love Scenario, Korean fans are now gearing up for iKON’s “CONTINUE” comeback. Since July 28, YG Entertainment kept on dropping iKON’s powerful comeback video and photo teasers, and everyone was surprised to see that DanceKON is back! With iKON’s incredible dancing […]

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