iKON Drops B.I. And Ju-ne’s Lyric Narration Teaser For Their Comeback


iKON drops their second video teaser for their third comeback this year.   iKON’s third comeback is going to be even more interesting as YG Entertainment dropped a new teaser for iKON’s comeback on October 1, 2018. Jinhwan and Donghyuk’s teasers were dropped days ago. This time, it’s B.i. and Junhoe’s comeback teasers that will […]

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iKON Teases Fans With New Video & Individual Photos For Their August 2 Comeback

iKON Comeback

iKON continues to tease everyone with their comeback!   Yang Hyun Suk just keeps on teasing everyone with iKON’s breathtaking individual photos of iKON members and new video teaser. iKON is set to make a comeback on August 2 and everyone’s excited to see what iKON will bring to the table after the super mega […]

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5 Things You Should Know Before Marrying A Korean Man

Marrying A Korean Man

Are you dreaming of marrying a Korean man? Let’s see if you can handle all these.   Marriage is an important chapter in everybody’s lives. The thing is, due to having different cultures, there might be a few differences on how people from different countries prepare wedding ceremonies. In South Korea, getting married is one […]

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More Dating Rumors Surfaced!

2018 is the year of love! Less than a week since 2018 starts, we have been showered with nothing but dating news. We have more coming – see if your bias is included! G.O and Choi Ye Seul The former MBLAQ member has confirmed that he’s dating actress Choi Ye-Seul. He even revealed his plans […]

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Idol School Trip Ep.2- Eng Sub

idol school trip

Are you ready to watch the episode 2 of Idol School Trip?   A short recap of episode 1: Finally! We get to know the Japanese students who will be able to share this memorable school trip with YG Entertainment’s iKon. As expected, iKon members were looking cool and fabulous with their distinctive swag looks. […]

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[VIDEOS] Daragon Rumor Hits The News Again!

Daragon rumor

Another Daragon rumor is trending again!   We all know that Daragon is one of the longest ships in the K-pop industry. Daragon, the ship named after Bigbang’s G-dragon and 2ne1’s Dara, have been consistent in teasing the crowd with their public display of affection but still deny the romantic relationship thrown at them. No […]

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Idol School Trip Ep.1- Eng Sub

idol school trip ep 1

Idol School Trip is an entertaining show that allows YG Entertainment’s iKon to experience a school trip which most of them haven’t experienced yet. Most members of iKon spent mostly half of their lives being a YG trainee. Being busy with their continuous dome tours in their first two years in the industry, this school […]

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Japanese Actress Reveals The Most Handsome In IKON


Among all the iKon members, who do you think caught the heart of this actress/model? On the last episode of JTBC’s Idol School Trip, Asuka— a Japanese model and actress who is one of the lucky Japanese students who get the chance to spend a school trip with YG’s iKon in the beautiful island of […]

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Seo In-Guk and Park Bo-Ram are Dating!

Congratulations! Congratulations to singer Seo In-Guk and Park Bo-Ram! The gifted singers were reported to be dating earlier today and the news was confirmed by Seo In-Guk’s label soon after the news was released. The two have reportedly been dating for 1 year 6 months, but it’s still unclear how they met. It’s interesting to note, […]

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[VIDEOS] Top 12 Best Moments In Chinese Series ‘Love O2O’

Can’t get over with the Chinese series, Love O2O? The Chinese drama Love O2O is one of the most popular Chinese modern drama in China today, with over 22 billion views online. The series is about two computer science students from Qing University who found true love through the online game A Chinese Ghost Story. Xiao […]

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