iKON Achieve 4th Win For “Goodbye Road”

Goodbye road

iKON continue to dominate music shows with “Goodbye Road.”   iKON’s newest comeback, Goodbye Road, continue to win no.1 on South Korean music shows. Two weeks after its release, iKON’s Goodbye Road is still going strong as it achieved its fourth win from MBC’s Music Show Champion. iKON ended their trilogy comeback with a massive […]

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iKON Drops B.I. And Ju-ne’s Lyric Narration Teaser For Their Comeback


iKON drops their second video teaser for their third comeback this year.   iKON’s third comeback is going to be even more interesting as YG Entertainment dropped a new teaser for iKON’s comeback on October 1, 2018. Jinhwan and Donghyuk’s teasers were dropped days ago. This time, it’s B.i. and Junhoe’s comeback teasers that will […]

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iKON Achieve Their Biggest Milestone On YouTube


Another amazing news from iKON! After two years and eight months since their debut, iKON finally achieved 100,000,000 views on YouTube. iKON’s Love Scenario has been one of the most successful songs this year. It made new history that no other K-pop group has done in ten years. This is the first time that an […]

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Beauty YouTuber Lena is an Ilbe Member?

Controversy after controversy If you are interested in Korean beauty and Youtubers, then there’s a good chance you have heard of Lena from Lena’s Pocket Beauty. The Youtuber started her channel back in 2015 and has garnered quite an impressive amount of subscribers. That is, of course, before she was embroiled in a controversy surrounding […]

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Top 3 Risabae’s Makeup Cover

Beauty YouTuber Risabae We are back with another series of beauty YouTubers you need to subscribe, like right now! Previously we talked about makeup geniuses Pony and Ssin-nim but today we’ll take a look at Risabae! The YouTuber is famous for being singer Sunmi’s look-alike so we’ll let you judge her makeup cover videos! Sunmi’s […]

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Ssin-nim’s Top 3 Makeup Cover

Beauty YouTuber Ssin-nim Korean beauty YouTubers are known for their distinctive style and professional filmography. We did talk about Pony, a famous Korean beauty YouTuber, but this time let’s take a look at another YouTuber with a large following, Ssin-nim. Here are her best makeup videos Frozen’s Elsa The ‘Let It Go’ queen is brought […]

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iKON Jinhwan’s New Hairstyle Surprises K-pop Fans


What a fine man!   Have you seen iKON Jinhwan’s new hairstyle? Recently, iKON did a guesting in Arirang Radio where they revealed more about themselves behind the fame that the group is getting right now. We got to hear them speak English and learned more facts about each member. Fans were used to seeing […]

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Dress Like an Ulzzang

Fashion tips on how to dress like an ulzzang Being an ulzzang isn’t only about knowing your selfie angles, putting on makeup, and in general, looking good. To be an ulzzang, you need to know what style suits you best and what to wear on different occasions. In fact, ulzzang Ban Yoon Hee was famous […]

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10 Steps Korean Skincare

Extensive skincare Talking about Korean skincare can never be boring. In fact, Korean women (and surprisingly, men) are famous for their flawless complexion. While it’s true that their healthy diet (which includes lots of vegetables) does wonder on their skin, you’d be surprised how seriously Koreans take skincare. If you’re interested in following their skincare routine, we […]

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