iKON’s Amazing Achievements Surprised New K-pop Fans

iKON Achievements

iKON keeps on breaking records!   Some new K-pop fans often say that iKON is a flop group from YG Entertainment. The truth is, iKON is probably, if not the most, one of the most successful K-pop groups in history despite being a new group. Are you looking for receipts? Check everything below. After surviving […]

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iKON Receive Huge Love From Arab Fans

Arab Fans

Arab iKONICS showed their support towards iKON.   Recently, iKON was interviewed by one of Saudi Arabia’s news channel, Al Arabiya. During the interview, iKON’s Yunhyeong revealed that even though they don’t know how to read the comments that their Arab fans commented on their SNS posts since it’s in Arab language, they still feel […]

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Bigbang ‘Bangs’ Another New YouTube Record!


Bigbang is unstoppable!   Despite the fact that most Bigbang members are serving their military service right, Bigbang still proved to everyone that they are a powerhouse in the K-pop industry. From Fantastic Baby, Bigbang’s Bang Bang Bang has also reached 300,000,000 views on YouTube. Bang Bang Bang is one of the songs from the MADE […]

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Father of K-pop Idol Offers Amazing Fan Service To His Son’s Fan


Like father, like son.   This is probably one of the best days for this iKONic as she received an amazing fan service from one of iKON’s fathers. Song Yunhyeong, one of iKON’s vocalists, is known to be a son of a family who owns restaurants in South Korea. Earlier today, a fan went to […]

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SHINee’s Onew Released an Official Apology

Reflecting after sexual harassment controversy SHINee’s leader Onew has released an official apology, 4 months after he was involved in a sexual harassment controversy. The singer was previously accused of harassing a woman he met in a club. The two parties, later on, settled the matter outside the court. Too late? While his gesture was […]

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MAMA Notices Rigged Voting

Deleted millions of votes Mnet’s annual music award MAMA has always been a hot topic among K-Pop fans. This year’s MAMA, however, is especially tense since the winning criteria have been modified. Unlike the past years, the 2017 MAMA’s voting would affect 30% of the judging criteria. This has caused fandoms to intensify their voting […]

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EXO Impressed Viewers on ‘JYP’s Party People’

EXO members appeared on ‘JYP’s Party People’ In order to promote their latest repackaged album, ‘The Power of Music’, 7 members of EXO appeared on the latest episode of SBS variety show ‘JYP’s Party People’. The variety show earned a lot of attention for its groundbreaking concept, combining music performances and laidback talk show. The […]

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Fantastic K-Pop Piano Cover Channels

Bringing a new taste to K-Pop K-Pop music is often described as colorful, lively, and upbeat. K-Pop songs are the perfect working out companion since you can’t help but feeling energized listening to them! But if you’re looking for a new way to listen to K-Pop, you might want to consider listening to these K-Pop […]

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Korea’s Best Singing Competition Shows

Showcasing vocal talent Singing competition shows are always interesting, no matter where you live. In South Korea, singing shows are loved by the public and can be a quite powerful tool to market a certain singer. But apart from that, singing shows are generally entertaining and thus, we have made a list of singing competition […]

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Get to Know Korean Online Communities

Korean online communities are a huge part of the culture Online communities, wherever you live, can be a reflection of what the society is like. In South Korea, online communities are accessible not only to teenagers but also adults. Through this post, let’s get to know some of the most famous online communities in Korea […]

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