[HOT!] iKON’s Newest Individual IG Accounts Officially Revealed


Yes, it’s official!


iKON drops another amazing surprise for all iKONICS around the world!

Today, iKON posted a group photo on their @withikonic Instagram account.

And yes, you guessed it right! iKON revealed their individual public accounts that surprised all iKONICS around the world.

It was unexpected but indeed a blessing to all their fans.

Can’t wait to follow their instagram? Here are iKON members’ official individual public account.

Follow them now!

(Click their photos to see their Instagram accounts)

Ikon, june, and kpop image K-pop

 hanbin, Ikon, and kim image  Ikon, jinhwan, and kpop image

 bobby, Ikon, and jiwon imageDK and Ikon image Chan, Ikon, and kpop image

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