Red Velvet Irene Shows Love For Blackpink Jennie In Inkigayo

Irene shows her love and care for Jennie in Inkigayo.


Blackpink and Red Velvet proved that groups can still be friends despite being from different companies.

As Inkigayo ended last Sunday, Jennie was left alone as she is currently promoting her solo debut.

While Jennie was alone and quietly walks along with the other K-pop artists, Red Velvet’s Irene sneaked in and asked Jennie to come with her.

Jennie then showed a huge smile at Irene and ran to her like a kid who saw her mother.

Indeed, Irene and Jennie’s sweet interaction together proved that artists from rival companies can also be friends.

After all, it’s up to the people what music and group to support.

Check out this short video of Irene approaching Jennie last weekend in Inkigayo:

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