T-Ara Members Denied Sponsor Accusation

Smear campaign or unveiled truth?

T-Ara members have come forward to personally deny the rumor that they have been gifted with luxury cars by Wang Sicong, a Chinese conglomerate who founded the music management company Banana Culture. Banana Culture previously managed the Chinese promotions for T-ara.

The rumor came forward a few days after T-Ara decided to part ways with their company, MBK Entertainment. On top of trademarking the name T-Ara, MBK Entertainment has been accused of smear campaign against T-Ara members.

Responding to the accusation, Banana China released an official statement:

1. The rumor is not true. Will take legal steps to sue anyone who spread the rumor
2. Their contract with T-ara has expired at 2017/12/31. T-Ara didn’t renew the contract.
3. All their work with T-ara was through MBK.
The statement is wrapped up with an expression of gratitude to T-ara members for all their hard work during their contract with Banana.

Photo credit: News1

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