G-Dragon Wins New Prestigious Award At it-Awards 2018


G-Dragon is still winning awards despite being in the military.   it-Award 2018 gives a prestigious award to IBK Industrial Bank of Korea because of the artistic card designed by the King of K-pop, G-Dragon. This card is a limited design and is owned only by a few people which makes it even more valuable. 2ne1’s […]

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Han Seo Hee Threatens BIGBANG’s T.O.P. Again!

Han Seo Hee

Han Seo Hee continues to threaten T.O.P. one year after the marijuana scandal.   Recently, Bigbang’s T.O.P. posted on Instagram after a year of silence since the marijuana scandal. Millions of fans from around the world were happy to see Bigbang’s T.O.P. posting again on his official Instagram account. However, it looks like Han Seo […]

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EXO, Twice, Nu’Est To Comeback This November

EXO, Twice, Nu'Est

November is going to be a busy month for K-pop fans.   Are you ready for November? A lot of K-pop groups will be making their comeback this November. EXO and Nu’Est already revealed that they’ll have a comeback before the year ends. Now, Twice revealed that they will have a comeback on the 5th […]

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BIGBANG Members Reunite, Perform On Stage


The military couldn’t let this amazing opportunity to see Bigbang members perform up close.   While four of the Bigbang members are still serving their military duties as a citizen of the Republic of Korea, the Korean military camps where Daesung and Taeyang were assigned are making the most out of this amazing opportunity to […]

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Top 10 Legendary K-Pop Groups With Highest Roof-Hit Count

Who are the Top 10 K-pop Groups with the highest roof-hit count?   What is a roof-hit count? A roof-hit count is when the song hits the roof of the music chart. This means that the song achieved the highest number of listeners, real time. A song reaching a roof-hit means that the song is […]

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Bigbang To Receive YouTube’s Diamond Play Button


Bigbang proves that their popularity is timeless!   Despite the fact that the four members of Bigbang are in military, Bigbang have proven again that their popularity isn’t just a fad. They started during the era of K-pop where YouTube views were never a thing. They were able to achieve world class awards without the […]

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Top 10 K-Pop Songs That Dominated All Music Charts In 2018

Top 10 K-Pop Songs

What song do you think dominated all South Korean music charts in the past eight months?   The third quarter of 2018 is already about to end and that means the year-end awards are getting closer. What songs are currently dominating all music charts? Check out this top 10 list below: iKON’s Love Scenario iKON […]

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Momoland Reveal Their Top 3 Favorite K-Pop Groups


Who are the top three K-pop groups that influenced Momoland members to become idols?   Recently, Momoland had a short interview with an American YouTube channel where they were challenged not to react to the legendary songs in K-pop and to their songs. The songs were SNSD’s Gee, Bigbang’s Bang Bang Bang, 2ne1’s IATB, and […]

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Top 5 Amazing Bromance Relationships In K-Pop

Relationships In K-Pop

In the competitive industry of K-pop, it’s hard for K-pop artists to find a person whom they can call a true friend. However, some K-pop artists were lucky and blessed enough to find a buddy whom they could rely to even when the road gets bumpy. Check out these top five amazing bromance relationships in […]

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Mamamoo Member Reveals Her Bias In BIGBANG

Mamamoo Member

Mamamoo Hwasa revealed that she has been a BIGBANG fan for so many years.   On August 13, Mamamoo Hwasa and BIGBANG’s Seungri were guests of JTBC’s Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator. Hwasa revealed that she has been a huge fan of BIGBANG since middle school. She said that she really likes BIGBANG’s songs. […]

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