iKON Trends Worldwide, Wins Daesang At 33rd Golden Disc Awards

Golden Disc Awards

iKON is trending worldwide as they won the grand prize at the first day of 33rd Golden Disc Awards. iKON started at the bottom, now they’re rising to the top as one of the most promising K-pop groups in 2019. iKON won Digital Daesang due to the massive or phenomenal success of iKON’s Love Scenario […]

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Blackpink & iKON Attend Chanel’s ‘Coco Crush’ Fashion Event

Chanel Coco Crush

Blackpink’s Jennie and iKON’s Bobby were invited and attended Chanel’s Coco Crush fashion event.   Jennie and Bobby were looking so elegant yet trendy last night in Chanel’s Coco Crush fashion event. Jennie was looking sexy and elegant wearing a Chanel coat paired with a sexy black tube in it and white pants.   Bobby […]

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iKON Bobby Performs Live With International Artists

iKON Bobby

iKON Bobby surprised everyone and proudly showed the world an incredible live performance.   Last Saturday, iKON Bobby performed the live performance of League of Legends’ anthem for this year’s League of Legends’ World Championship. Bobby surprised everyone and gave everyone from around the world, more or less two million people, a glimpse of South […]

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iKON’s Bobby Chosen By Worldclass Online Game ‘League Of Legends’

League Of Legends

iKON’s Bobby was chosen by League of Legends— one of the top online games worldwide, to sing the remix version of League of Legends anthem for this year’s world championship.   League of Legends surprised all their players, especially the K-pop fans players, a remix collaboration of their song for this year’s League of Legends’ […]

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iKON BOBBY Gives A Baby iKONIC An Unforgettable Remembrance


iKON Bobby is indeed giving kids some HYUNG-love!   Not so long ago, a very popular kid from Philippines went viral for asking Bobby to come to her birthday. The father of the lovely child asked Bobby and YG Entertainment to come to her daughter’s birthday and joked for a 90% discount on Bobby’s talent […]

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5 Underrated Hype K-pop Songs That Everyone Should Watch

underrated K-pop songs

Let the underdogs get their spotlight!   About time for underrated K-pop songs to shine. Despite the popular hype songs in K-pop right now, there are actually other hype songs that people need to check out. Even though these songs didn’t get enough recognition in South Korea, that doesn’t mean that these songs are not […]

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iKON Achieve Amazing Perfect All Kill!


iKON surprise the world with their comeback!   iKON made a comeback with Love Scenario in January, and it is by far their best comeback after 3 years in the industry. Last year, fans made fun of iKON and their fandom. Some K-pop fans called iKON as a flop group. Most people thought that it […]

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YG Unveils Teaser For iKon’s Anticipated Comeback

The day that K-pop fans, especially iKonics, have been waiting for! The first two years after iKon’s debut had been truly amazing for the group. During their rookie year, the group was already having dome tours in Asia. Despite being in the industry for more than two years, the group had already gathered almost 500,000 […]

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iKonics Donated Food To Celebrate IKON Bobby’s Birthday


Bobby must be so proud to have iKonics as iKon’s loyal supporters.   Despite being new in the industry— just two years since debut, iKon has already gathered a lot of loyal fans in South Korea and more internationally. iKon’s supporters are called iKonics. Kim Jiwon, more known as Bobby of iKon, celebrated his 23rd […]

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