G-Dragon Wins New Prestigious Award At it-Awards 2018


G-Dragon is still winning awards despite being in the military.   it-Award 2018 gives a prestigious award to IBK Industrial Bank of Korea because of the artistic card designed by the King of K-pop, G-Dragon. This card is a limited design and is owned only by a few people which makes it even more valuable. 2ne1’s […]

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Top 5 Amazing Bromance Relationships In K-Pop

Relationships In K-Pop

In the competitive industry of K-pop, it’s hard for K-pop artists to find a person whom they can call a true friend. However, some K-pop artists were lucky and blessed enough to find a buddy whom they could rely to even when the road gets bumpy. Check out these top five amazing bromance relationships in […]

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Top 5 K-Pop Idols With The Most Expensive Outfits & Jewelries

Most Expensive Outfits

Who owns and wears the most expensive outfits and extravagant wearable pieces in the K-pop industry?   The K-pop industry has always been an industry filled with glitz and glamour. But the big question is, who’s the most glitz and glamorous among them all?   Check out this TOP FIVE MOST GLITZ AND GLAMOROUS in […]

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Korean Soldier Secretly Reveals G-Dragon’s Body Information To Girlfriend

Korean Soldier

A Korean soldier who is serving his military duty right now has leaked several private information about G-Dragon. While Dispatch never stops its accusations agains t YG Entertainment that G-Dragon is getting special treatment while serving the military, another news about G-Dragon has been leaked. Recently, a Korean woman posted a viral post on Instagram […]

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Dispatch Attacks G-Dragon & YG Entertainment Again!


Dispatch is back at it again.   While YG Entertainment is dominating the K-pop industry right now, here goes Dispatch dropping more accusations against GD. Dispatch revealed that G-Dragon receives special treatment while serving his military duties. Dispatch claimed that G-Dragon stays in a luxury suit of a military hospital which is off-limits to low-ranking […]

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YG Entertainment’s Biggest Secret Behind Worldwide Success

YG's Secret

What made YG Entertainment maintain their worldwide success for more than a decade?   YG Entertainment has always been known as the home of swag and hip-hop in the K-pop industry. Undeniably, all songs from YG Entertainment receive massive support from people around the world. People always look forward to their new songs. Whenever YG […]

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10 Amazing English Songs By Korean Artists

Amazing English Songs

Who said Korean singers can’t sing English songs? If you are curious if there are Korean artists who released full English songs before, then the answer is yes. Aside from collaborations with western artists, there are a lot of Korean artists who released full solo English songs. Here’s a list of Korean artists who released […]

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BIGBANG reunites before G-Dragon and Taeyang’s enlistment!

BIGBANG as five in one picture! It’s been a long time since we saw the five members together in one photo. Due to the impending enlistment of G-Dragon and Taeyang, the boys went out for a party. But on February 22, Taeyang shared photos on his Instagram from a party with BIGBANG and other friends. […]

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Dispatch Released 2018’s Couples!

G-Dragon and Jooyeon South Korean’s news media Dispatch revealed that BigBang’s G-Dragon and ex-After School member Jooyeon are dating! The couple had dates at their apartments and at Jeju Island, where they spent 3 nights 4 days together. They were previously rumored to be dating thanks to a leaked Kwai video, but they had denied the […]

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G-Dragon Is South Korea’s Secret Weapon Against North Korea


G-Dragon’s popularity is unstoppable!   Aside from the worldwide political and economic issues that Kim Jong Un needs to resolve, looks like the North Korean supreme leader has another huge problem to resolve. And that is G-Dragon. Today, the shocking news about G-Dragon’s massive popularity in North Korea has been trending all over Korean social […]

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