BTS Fan Insults A New K-pop Group Face To Face

A new K-pop group received their first ever heartbreaking insult from a BTS fan.   Every K-pop fan knows how much all K-pop groups work very hard to be successful in the industry. That’s why when this video of a BTS fan insulting a new K-pop boy group, face to face, have gone viral, K-pop […]

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YG Trainee’s Self-Composed Songs Receive Massive Praise From Netizens

YG Trainee

Are you ready to be amazed by one of YG’s trainees?   Recently, a few of YG’s trainees were revealed to the public in one of JYP’s show. One of the YG trainees is Choi RaeSung, or mostly known as Millenium. Millenium was the person behind the remix of YG group’s cover of Wondergirls’ Why So […]

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