Handsome Brother of Blackpink Jisoo Catches The Attention of K-netz

Blackpink Jisoo

Aside from her beautiful sisters, Blackpink Jisoo’s brother is also a visual!   Blackpink Jisoo and her sisters are undeniably beautiful, but wait until you see Blackpink Jisoo’s brother. With his tall and manly body, you can really tell that Jisoo’s family is given with such natural visual. Just like Jisoo, her brother also has […]

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Japanese Actress Reveals The Most Handsome In IKON


Among all the iKon members, who do you think caught the heart of this actress/model? On the last episode of JTBC’s Idol School Trip, Asuka— a Japanese model and actress who is one of the lucky Japanese students who get the chance to spend a school trip with YG’s iKon in the beautiful island of […]

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