YG’s Haruto & Junkyu Catch The Hearts Of K-netz

Haruto & Junkyu

Are you also falling in love with YG’s Haruto and Jinkyu? Haruto is one of YG’s first set of Japanese trainees. He’s still 14 years old and is one of the strongest competitors in YG Treasure Box. Meanwhile, Junkyu is one of the trainees who’ve been trained with Bang YeDam for years under YG Entertainment. […]

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YG’s Japanese Trainee Catches The Attention Of K-Netz

Japanese Trainee

YG’s Japanese trainee catches the attention of Korean netizens. Haruto, the 14-year-old YG’s Japanese trainee, is getting lots of love due to his cute visual and unique rap tone. Haruto’s visual became a hot topic on the internet when people discovered that Haruto’s visual looks really similar with iKON leader’s B.i. Just take a good […]

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