iKON Ranks #1 Dominates Korea’s Year-End Music Charts

Music Charts

iKON is dominating almost all the year-end music charts in 2018. Bugs, Genie, and Mnet already revealed their year-end chart and iKON’s Love Scenario ranked at No.1 in the three Korean music charts. Despite not getting the Song of the Year award during MAMA 2018, Mnet revealed that the no.1 song in Mnet’s chart this […]

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iKON Wins First Ever Daesang Award At 2018 Melon Music Awards

2018 Melon Music Awards

Finally! iKON won Song of the Year for Love Scenario at 2018 Melon Music Awards.   After how many year-end award shows this year, iKON was finally awarded with the Song Of The Year for Love Scenario’s phenomenal success this year. With no doubt, iKON’s massive success with Love Scenario— 204 Perfect All Kills, the […]

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iKON Gains Massive Popularity In China

iKON China

iKON is the only Korean artist that made it to China’s male singer that has been mostly listened by Chinese citizens.   iKON just celebrated their third year anniversary and things are just becoming even more exciting for the youngest YG Entertainment boy group. In their three years of massive success wherein they have spent […]

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The Newest Ambassador For Korean Tourism

Korean Tourism

EXO is representing Korean tourism industry this year.   The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism,and the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) announced EXO to be the new ambassador of Korean tourism. This year’s slogan is “Korea Asks You: Have You Ever?” The campaign will focus on history and tradition, daily lives of Koreans, adventure, trend, healing, […]

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Super Junior’s Heechul Publicly Praises YG Entertainment’s Female Artist

YG Entertainment

Heechul reveals his observation of YG Entertainment’s female artist.   In one of TvN’s shows, while Heechul and CL were enjoying a meal with other Korean artists, Heechul noticed something about CL that he can’t help but share to everyone. Heechul revealed that CL is really a caring and thoughtful person. Heechul added that CL […]

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Billboard Korea Reveals #1 K-pop Group For The First-Half Of 2018

#1 K-pop Group

YG Entertainment continues to dominate the Korean music charts. Who is the #1 K-pop group right now on music charts? Billboard Korea officially revealed that iKON is Korea’s chart topper for the first half of 2018. Indeed, iKON’s comeback was the most successful comeback for the first half of 2018. Aside from the fact that […]

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G-Dragon Is South Korea’s Secret Weapon Against North Korea


G-Dragon’s popularity is unstoppable!   Aside from the worldwide political and economic issues that Kim Jong Un needs to resolve, looks like the North Korean supreme leader has another huge problem to resolve. And that is G-Dragon. Today, the shocking news about G-Dragon’s massive popularity in North Korea has been trending all over Korean social […]

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[VIDEOS] Daragon Rumor Hits The News Again!

Daragon rumor

Another Daragon rumor is trending again!   We all know that Daragon is one of the longest ships in the K-pop industry. Daragon, the ship named after Bigbang’s G-dragon and 2ne1’s Dara, have been consistent in teasing the crowd with their public display of affection but still deny the romantic relationship thrown at them. No […]

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32nd Golden Disc Awards to be held in Korea instead of Philippines

It’s finally confirmed that 32nd Golden Disc Awards will be held in Korea! It was announced last month by a promoter from the Philippines that the said event will take place in Manila Philippines. But when it was ticketing time, JTBC’s side released a statement that everything’s not finalized yet. On December 5, JTBC finally […]

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