Handsome Brother of Blackpink Jisoo Catches The Attention of K-netz

Blackpink Jisoo

Aside from her beautiful sisters, Blackpink Jisoo’s brother is also a visual!   Blackpink Jisoo and her sisters are undeniably beautiful, but wait until you see Blackpink Jisoo’s brother. With his tall and manly body, you can really tell that Jisoo’s family is given with such natural visual. Just like Jisoo, her brother also has […]

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10 Amazing English Songs By Korean Artists

Amazing English Songs

Who said Korean singers can’t sing English songs? If you are curious if there are Korean artists who released full English songs before, then the answer is yes. Aside from collaborations with western artists, there are a lot of Korean artists who released full solo English songs. Here’s a list of Korean artists who released […]

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Father of K-pop Idol Offers Amazing Fan Service To His Son’s Fan


Like father, like son.   This is probably one of the best days for this iKONic as she received an amazing fan service from one of iKON’s fathers. Song Yunhyeong, one of iKON’s vocalists, is known to be a son of a family who owns restaurants in South Korea. Earlier today, a fan went to […]

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iKonics Donated Food To Celebrate IKON Bobby’s Birthday


Bobby must be so proud to have iKonics as iKon’s loyal supporters.   Despite being new in the industry— just two years since debut, iKon has already gathered a lot of loyal fans in South Korea and more internationally. iKon’s supporters are called iKonics. Kim Jiwon, more known as Bobby of iKon, celebrated his 23rd […]

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Idol School Trip Ep.1- Eng Sub

idol school trip ep 1

Idol School Trip is an entertaining show that allows YG Entertainment’s iKon to experience a school trip which most of them haven’t experienced yet. Most members of iKon spent mostly half of their lives being a YG trainee. Being busy with their continuous dome tours in their first two years in the industry, this school […]

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Japanese Actress Reveals The Most Handsome In IKON


Among all the iKon members, who do you think caught the heart of this actress/model? On the last episode of JTBC’s Idol School Trip, Asuka— a Japanese model and actress who is one of the lucky Japanese students who get the chance to spend a school trip with YG’s iKon in the beautiful island of […]

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Blackpink and Ikon Reveal Comeback Plans

Blackpink comeback

Blinks and iKonics, are you ready?   Yes! It is true. The baby groups of YG Entertainment are gearing up for another comeback in the first month of 2018! Indeed, K-pop industry’s welcome for 2018 will surely be a bomb as these two groups are known to be the two most promising groups in the […]

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[VIDEO] Best Way To Cook Korean Ramyun Perfect For Foreigners!

Cook Korean Ramyun

Do you love Korean ramyun? This is for you!   You can see it on Korean dramas, and you want to know how they really taste like. Unfortunately, you live outside Korea, and you feel like it’s hard and even expensive for you to get a taste of how Korean ramen tastes like! Worry no […]

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EXO Impressed Viewers on ‘JYP’s Party People’

EXO members appeared on ‘JYP’s Party People’ In order to promote their latest repackaged album, ‘The Power of Music’, 7 members of EXO appeared on the latest episode of SBS variety show ‘JYP’s Party People’. The variety show earned a lot of attention for its groundbreaking concept, combining music performances and laidback talk show. The […]

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Will We See EXO vs BTS in September?

Both groups will be making a comeback It was a summer packed with some of the greatest comebacks of the year, (like Red Velvet’s Red Flavor, GFRIEND’s Love Whisper and EXO’s Ko Ko Bop) but be prepared for an equally packed fall. We’ll be seeing some of the most popular K-Pop groups and soloists making […]

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