iKON Trends Worldwide, Wins Daesang At 33rd Golden Disc Awards

Golden Disc Awards

iKON is trending worldwide as they won the grand prize at the first day of 33rd Golden Disc Awards. iKON started at the bottom, now they’re rising to the top as one of the most promising K-pop groups in 2019. iKON won Digital Daesang due to the massive or phenomenal success of iKON’s Love Scenario […]

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Controversial Rapper Yook Ji-Dam Claimed to be Kang Daniel’s Ex

Instagram meltdown Rapper Yook Ji-Dam, from the Show Me The Money fame has claimed that she was in a close relationship with Wanna One’s Kang Daniel. The rapper, who’s two years younger than Kang Daniel, was criticized for her insensitive remark made when she went to a funeral home. Now, she is once again the […]

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Rapper Continues To Plagiarize iKon B.I.’s Self-Composed Song


On January 4, fans were enraged upon finding out that a rapper from Vietnam plagiarized iKon B.I.’s song. The Vietnamese rapper who plagiarized iKon B.I.’s song is Lil Shady. When the K-pop fans found out about the video on YouTube, the fans immediately reported the video and was eventually taken down by YouTube. After the […]

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Rapper CupcakKe Comes Back to Twitter After a Beef with Army

Returns to Twitter after deactivating her account American rapper CupcakKe returns to Twitter after briefly deactivating her account after receiving malicious comments from BTS fans, Armys. The 20-year old caused quite a sensation after tweeting “I want to f*** Jungkook”, and since then has received severe backlash from the fandom. The fans argue that her […]

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Did Rapper San-E Sexually Harass Red Velvet’s Irene?

His controversial behavior Rapper San-E is in hot water due to his reckless, controversial behavior. When attending recent event ‘Ansan Friendship Super Show’ to celebrate the relations between Vietnam and South Korea, San-E, along with Red Velvet’s Irene and GOT7’s Jackson were the MCs. However, viewers were taken aback after San-E out of the blue went up […]

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