[VIDEO] iKON B.i. Leaks New Song and Song Titles

iKON B.i.

iKONICS get ready as iKON B.i. gives hints of iKON’s  new songs this year.   Recently, iKON B.i. surprised everyone with an Instagram video post which shows some of his new masterpieces. He captured his monitor’s screen while one of iKON’s demo for new song was being played as a background music. On the screen, […]

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iKON’s “I’m Ok” MV Comforts People Who Suffer From Depression


iKON is back with a new song called “I’m Ok” and people are impressed as to how relatable this song is to people who are suffering from depression. As a finale for iKON’s New Kid series, iKON released “I’m Ok” on January 7, 2019. Everyone was surprised when they heard iKON’s new song as the […]

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AOMG Reveals Teaser of New Song With YG Entertainment’s Lee Hi

Lee Hi

AOMG will drop another exciting collaboration song with YG Entertainment’s Lee Hi.  AOMG teases fans with a new collaboration song on Instagram. Fans were excited when they found out that AOMG chose YG’s Lee Hi to collaborate in one of his new songs. It’s been awhile since the fans heard a new song from Lee […]

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iKON B.i. and Bobby To Release A New Song For ‘Hungry Husband’

Hungry Husband

iKON’s Double B shippers are rejoicing as MBC announces that B.i. and Bobby will release a self-produced song on Sunday for the cast of “Hungry Husband.”   iKON B.i. and Bobby became a guest in MBC’s “Hungry Husband” where the two YG artist trained celebrities to turn into Korean idols/rappers. B.i. and Bobby produced a […]

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iKON B.i.’s Legendary Song Lyrics That Everyone Needs To Know

iKON B.i

What are the legendary lyrics that were written by iKON’s leader, Kim Hanbin?   iKON’s leader, B.i., is known as one of the legendary leaders in K-pop’s history. Being a writer, composer, producer, choreographer, rapper, and a leader of iKON, Hanbin carried the responsibility of the success of six lives on his shoulders. With the […]

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Dispatch Attacks WINNER’s Song Mino

Song Mino

After attacking G-Dragon and YG Entertainment, Dispatch is now attacking Song Mino.   Song Mino is following an Instagram account which uses the name of “PrettyPuke.” Currently, Pretty Puke is an Instagram account that posts sexual and erotic pictures. However, WINNER’s Mino started following the account in 2015 when 2ne1’s CL had a project called […]

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iKON Drops Another Special Fan Song For iKONICS

Fan Song

iKON gifts iKONICS another special fan song.   iKON released another fan song after the airing of iKON TV’s last episode. iKON are known for always releasing songs dedicated to their fans. Some of iKON’s fan songs are Wait For Me, Long Time No See, M.U.P., and Welcome Back. Now, iKONICS are getting a new […]

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10 Amazing Proofs That iKON Yunhyeong Is Husband Material

iKON Yunhyeong

Is iKON Yunhyeong the man you’ve been waiting for?     iKON’s Song Yunhyeong, or mostly known as Yunhyeong, Yoyo or Song, is one of the most handsome and talented idols in the K-pop industry. Being know for his visuals since his high school days and for being Nivea Korea’s ambassador, there are still more […]

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YG Ent Releases Bigbang’s New Song

Bigbang New Song

Yes, a new song from Bigbang!   YG Entertainment dropped a new song from K-pop and the world’s legendary group, Bigbang. Despite being in the military, Bigbang members are still able to make the entire fandom extremely happy by giving everyone this amazing surprise. YG Entertainment revealed that this song was made before the legendary […]

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iKON Achieve Amazing Perfect All Kill!


iKON surprise the world with their comeback!   iKON made a comeback with Love Scenario in January, and it is by far their best comeback after 3 years in the industry. Last year, fans made fun of iKON and their fandom. Some K-pop fans called iKON as a flop group. Most people thought that it […]

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