WINNER Mino’s Artistic Skill Goes Viral, Catches Microsoft’s Attention


WINNER Mino catches the attention of everyone as his VLive while doing some digital painting has gone viral worldwide. Fans all over the world couldn’t stop praising Mino’s artistic side as he surprised the world with his painting skill. One of Mino’s video where he was painting using Microsoft’s application has gone viral that it […]

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Funny Dispatch Memes About Idols Are Going Viral!

Dispatch Memes

While Dispatch is trying to scare everyone about the scandals that they’re about to reveal soon, here goes netizens making hilarious Dispatch memes that can surely make you LOL. If you are one of the fans who hate Dispatch for following your K-pop idols all day, all night and invading their privacy, then this will […]

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[VIDEO] iKON and iKONICS Collaboration Marks New History In tvN’s ‘300’


iKON and iKONICS created new record in tvN’s ‘300.’   Recently, iKON performed in tvN’s “300” where iKON and iKONICS proved the strong bond within their fandom. iKON and iKONICS performed together with unity that it amazed everyone on how strong the coordination is between iKON and iKONICS. As a result, iKON is the first-ever […]

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Mollado Challenge Becomes Viral In South Korea!

Who’s ready for the #MolladoChallenge? Everyone’s going crazy over one of Seungri’s new songs in his new album. Mollado, one of the collab songs in The Great Seungri’s albums, is starting a new dance and social craze in South Korea. Mollado is giving everyone a latin vibe despite being a Korean song. Indeed, Seungri’s collaboration […]

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iKON’s University Festival Performances Go Wild!

University Festival

iKON is giving a whole new experience to all university festival attendees!   Recently, iKON’s live performances in university festivals went viral as the YG group brought university festivals into a whole another level! iKON might be a two-year-old group, but that doesn’t stop them from giving wild live performance experiences to their fans. During […]

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