WINNER Mino’s Artistic Skill Goes Viral, Catches Microsoft’s Attention


WINNER Mino catches the attention of everyone as his VLive while doing some digital painting has gone viral worldwide. Fans all over the world couldn’t stop praising Mino’s artistic side as he surprised the world with his painting skill. One of Mino’s video where he was painting using Microsoft’s application has gone viral that it […]

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WINNER Seungyoon Reveals BLACKPINK’s New Song

WINNER Seungyoon

Winner Seungyoon revealed that Blackpink is already preparing their new song and might have a comeback sooner than expected.   During the Adidas event which both YG Entertainment groups attended, Winner’s Kang Seungyoon announced that Blinks might get a new song soon. This made Blinks around the world happy and excited. It has been months […]

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[VIDOE] iKON & Winner Celebrate The New Year Together At MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018

iKON & Winner

iKON and Winner showed to everyone the spirit of YG family at MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018!   iKON and Winner gave iKONICS and Inner Circles a brighter New Year celebration as iKON and Winner members posted on Instagram a video and pictures of the two groups hugging each other as they welcomed 2019 during the […]

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WINNER Top iTUNE’s Chart, Achieve RAK


Winner is back gaining MILLIONS of fans from around the world! Winner just released their new song titled “Millions.” Millions achieved Real Time All Kill and even topped iTUNE’s chart. It’s been eight months since Winner released “Everyd4y,” and this time, Winner is serving a MILLION-quality song with their hot new looks. With their million-dollar […]

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EXO Show Love and Support For WINNER’s MINO

Winner Mino

Just like the old times, we are now getting beautiful interactions between SM and YG’s groups.   As Mino received his fifth win for his solo comeback, Fiance, Mino received amazing support from EXO members. Mino smiled from ear to ear upon receiving his award and fancams showed that EXO members cheered for Mino during […]

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YG Entertainment Reveals Plans For November & December 2018

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment is not yet done in giving YG fans more music to enjoy this year!   This year has been an incredible year for YG Entertainment. Despite being known as one of the most successful entertainments in the K-pop industry, YG Entertainment proves that they are limitless as they continue to rise in the […]

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YG Entertainment Reveals Collaboration Of iKON, Blackpink, & Winner

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment’s baby groups will have a collaboration in YG’s X Academy.   BlackWinKon is indeed happening as Yang Hyun Suk posted on his Instagram account the dance collaboration of Blackpink’s Lisa, Winner’s Seunghoon, and iKON’s DK. Everyone was all surprised to finally witness this long-awaited moment where YG Entertainment’s new groups show their interaction […]

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Former YG Artists Join YG Entertainment’s New Show

Former YG Artists

Former YG artists continue to join YG Entertainment’s activities, became a part of YG Entertainment’s new show.   Despite leaving YG Entertainment, YG Entertainment proved to everyone that they still support their former artists, Park Bom and Nam Tae Hyun. When former Winner member, Nam Tae Hyun, left YG Entertainment, people thought that the two […]

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Top 5 K-pop Boy Groups With Live Powerful Vocals

Top 5 K-pop

Which K-pop group has the most powerful vocals during live performances? Check out Ulzzang’s top 5 K-pop boy group with powerful live vocals when singing live!   1.iKON iKON, a two-year-old group, is undeniably one of the groups with the most powerful vocals since debut. Being the newest boy group of YG Entertainment, everyone expected […]

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SEUNGRI Drops His Official MV And First Ever Solo Album


Seungri is counting 1,2,3! Finally, Seungri is back to the music industry. After being in hiatus and too busy managing his business empire, Seungri is finally giving V.I.P.s new songs to enjoy. It’s been almost five years since Seungri dropped his solo song. Now, with his new album, we are getting more songs to enjoy […]

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