Top 5 Unforgettable Moments Of iKON Proving Their Incredible Vocals To Everyone

Unforgettable Moments Of iKON

As iKOn made a huge buzz after performing at the closing ceremony of Southeast Asian Games 2018, what people do not know is that behind their cool and hip-hop vibe, iKON can also rock high notes while singing a lullaby.


Check out these top five amazing live performances of iKON where the members have proven that their vocal is beyond incredible:

5. iKON performing ‘Apology’ During iKONCERT Showtime In Seoul.
4   iKON Performing ‘I Love You’ At Heroes of Remix.
3.  iKON’s Vocal Line Singing ‘Perfect’ During Their Japan Dome Tour.
2.  iKON singing a live cover of ‘Rain And Your Story’ with the original singer, Boohwal.
1.  iKON Singing To ‘Just Go’ During Their Japan Dome Tour.
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