Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah and MYNAME’s Chaejin Are Dating?

Raunchy video leaked

Jo Hyun Ah, the vocalist of trio Urban Zakapa, has been rumoured to be dating MYNAME’s Chaejin, who is also a contestant of reality show ‘The Unit’ – which she joined as a mentor. While the show has ended, it seems the two’s relationship hasn’t. The rumour spreads after a video of the two looking extremely close at a private setting went viral on social media. Jo Hyun Ah was seen with her legs wrapping around Chaejin’s waist, and Chaejin was wearing what seems to be boxer pants. A pack of cigarettes and a glass of wine were also caught on camera.


The rumour has been denied by Jo’s label and a mutual friend of the two.

Photo credit: Nate News


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