YG Entertainment To Debut YG Trainees In A New Show

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment’s trainees will soon debut on live television.


Finally, after years of waiting, K-pop fans will now get to see the hard-earned skills and natural talents of YG’s legendary trainees.

After their years of training and being hidden from the eye of the crowd, Bang Yedam, along with the other trainees of YG Entertainment will finally get their chance to debut months from now.

The YG trainees will be part of the show ‘YG Treasure Box’ where the senior YG trainees who are ready to debut will get the opportunity to show to everyone what they have learned in their years of training under YG’s sought after teachers.

Who will be part of YG Treasure Box? Stay tune and we will reveal it to you!

The first episode of YG Treasure Box will be on November 16, 2018. Check out Yang Hyun Suk’s post for more details.


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